There's such thing as too much blue (LSB E46 M3 Craigslist)

Ahhh, the LEDs...

Richmond, Va

IF you have been looking for a LSB M3 you understand how no one wants to sell this car. and if you think price is to high then get you a different color M3 don't bother trying to talk me down it will not work.. car is has lots of upgrades it is very fast and loud! 6 speed manual trans, here are a few things that are upgraded , it has stainless headers with performance cat an muffler, afe stage 2 wet intake, drilled and slotted rotors, Bilstein suspension, stage 2 clutch, side marker LED lights smoked,front reflectors smoked, led inside lights Blue, storage for rear ashtray swap, center console delete,tablet Nexus 7 in dash with a Sony Bluetooth stereo hidden be hide.. and a few other things.. please only serious buyers contact me.


Hopefully the maintenance was religious over those 120k miles.

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