Spent this past Wednesday near Randleman, N.C., at Richard Petty’s Museum so I could interview him for a project.

I mentioned that recently but was just going through my 150 pics or so and realized that I cannot possibly use them all - despite how cool they are.

So, here are a couple of the #40 Superbird. Pete Hamilton won the Daytona 500 and both races at Talladega in 1970 driving #40.


First off, there’s that wing at the top. Yeah, yeah, yeah. THAT wing.

But a few more cool details.


Yes, the car had a keyed ignition (just right of the far-right gauge). Imagine if you lost it before the race. (This key is wired to the dash but I assume they did that later, so visitors to the museum didn’t try grabbing it for a souvenir.)

Gotta love the detail.


And let’s face it. Richard was the subject of the interview, but the car set the scene.

And here’s my podcast for the week. Somehow I managed to get one posted despite the excitement and hectic schedule.


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