This particular model is insanely quiet, much more so than any other washer or dryer I’ve ever used. Vibration is basically nonexistent too. The 14 minute quick wash setting has been super handy when I’ve needed my one good shirt freshened up halfway through a night out lol.


As for a full wash/dry cycle that’s equivalent to what I’m used to back home with conventional machines.... Yeah. It definitely takes longer. I think something like 4 hours, although you can play around with the settings a bit to shorten or lengthen that time.

5kg capacity is more than my fun-size apartment washer can handle, and this all-in-one unit is dimensionally smaller than said washer too. I’m going to think about picking up something similar, as a quieter machine that takes the place of two bigger appliances would really be handy. I need more shelving! I’m guessing it would be much more expensive in America, but in Thailand the price is only $750.

I’ve heard that these offer poor drying performance in but so far I’ve been impressed. Any Oppos have a 2-in-1 machine?

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