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You’re the most accessible spokesperson for a corporation, work in advertising, and get paid to manage a fucking twitter account. That’s one of the most capitalist and bourgeois jobs I’ve ever fucking heard of. No shit you’re going to be attacked by the extreme left and from their point of view they’re right to do so.

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“An entry level community manager who probably ended up in advertising because their first career option wasn’t viable.”

Listen to the cry from the down trodden proletariat! They have to settle for being in advertising, because their first choice wasn’t “viable.” Now they make a living reading and responding to tweets in a sterile and corporate approved way. We cannot forget their struggle!

TL;DR I find it hilarious when college students/educated professionals think they’re the downtrodden workers. I’m like no, there’s millions of people in America who would kill to have your life. Just because you’re in the bottom 25% of the top 50% doesn’t make you working class lol.

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