How do I know? Glad you asked.

Shortly after I purchased my Esprit from my aunt, and had it driven to my parent's house in the suburbs, I started putting right what once went wrong.

My uncle was a mechanic at the time, and told me all that was wrong with the car. Namely, the EGR valve was bad (he included the new one with the car), the valve covers leaked, and various old parts like plugs and wires were quite old. But the car ran, poorly. Not knowing much about cars back then (like being able to de-EGR the old 305 Chevy V8), I went to the local library, scanned the pages out of a Haynes manual I needed, and went to work. There was a Carquest within biking distance, so after school I'd stop there and price out and ultimately purchase parts. They had a crate 350 on display, and every time I'd visit the store, and wonder how I could make that engine end up under the hood of my 'Bird.

Heh, just thought of something. Those first few visits to the parts store would someday turn into a career for me, just on the OTHER side of the counter.

Anywho, on one of our outings to my Aunt/Grandma's house (it was a duplex), she asked me how the car was coming. She missed the car, and ever since giving birth to my first cousin and having to give it up, she had wished she kept it up. My uncle HATED the car, because he was always fixing things on it. So I told her what I had done so far, and what I had left, and mentioned taking off the wire wheel covers it had, and removing the old 80's Delco radio.


"I have the stock AM radio, if you want that!" She joked. Then took me out to the garage to show me the stock hubcaps that were up in the rafters, forgotten only because she could not reach them.

"No thanks" I said. Even though I was secretly curious about them. Not in a good way, mind you, just curious if they were original, and how they'd look on the car. Probably like crap. As a matter of fact, I actually LIKED the bare steelie and white letter tire look I had going on at home. Must be I was ahead of the curve.

Looking back, I should have climbed up and snagged them. And the AM radio. I could have saved them, and other parts off the car that I could use as a memento before I traded it in on a truck. I could add them to the front arrow emblem, and the cigarette lighter. The only two items, along with a handful of photos I have of it in various stages of its life with me.


Photos. That's why I started this post. I found another photo of when I first got it, along with those horrible wire wheel covers.