Apparently, they’re not even sold through TireRack. The closest thing to a review I’ve seen is this:



Basically, last year I hit a pothole that punctured the sidewall. I needed tires ASAP, and the only thing the place I went to had was this garbage. Since two were basically the price of one not-garbage tire, I figured, whatever, and had the rears swapped to the front and had these put on in the rear.

It not even that they don’t have wet traction, because they don’t. None. At all. It’s that they don’t even grip on dry surfaces. Honestly, combined with no traction control, it’s kind of fun, but I’d still like something I could actually use in the rain without being constantly on edge.

Anyway, they’re not even close to the wear bars, but my fronts are getting there, so I may as well just replace them too. I currently have Hankook Ventus Evo2s on the front, and I’m inclined to just get those again, since a full set would be under $500.

I have Pirelli P7s on the Jag, which I love, but apparently they’re only available in run-flats in 205/45R17 and cost close to $200 each, which is way too much, as they wear really fast.


Any suggestions for either Summer or All-Season? Preferably under $150/tire.