I’ve been enjoying the Rio Quinto here in Puerto Rico more than I thought I would. It’s basic, unpretentious, practical, stylish, economical, and peppy. One detail actually surprised me, though, and I only noticed it by chance.

This liner under the front driver-side fender seems to suspiciously not reach all the way to the edge. But what’s that duct work doing there, and where does it lead to?


The top half houses a fog lamp in higher trim levels. Sorry for the overexposure.

Get a load of this fucker here! That’s an actual, real, bona fide, honest-to-dog, functional air vent on the front of the car. Where so many other cars get loaded with enough plastic fakery to make a Pontiac Aztek seem subdued, Kia actually found a use for it. In this case it seems to channel air over the wheel to cut down on turbulence, which along with other details would go quite a ways to explain why I’ve been getting up to 42 mpg out of this car.

Well done, Kia, on making this car feel worth more than its price.