These poor rotting Mopars

A guy up the block from where my friend grew up has these 6 Mopars that have been sitting in the street and rotting for a long time. I know my friend since '91, and they've been around much longer. We were at his dad's house working on his brother's car, so I decided to take out my camera and snap a few shots of this poor Charger.

3 of the rotting cars are covered, but there are also another 2 across the street. One is a Belvedere.

Behind the yellow Charger is an early 70's Charger. It had "Lone Wolf" painted on the side, and you can see the mega-extended exhaust pipes that extend higher than the roof of the car. If I remember, he also had another Charger similar to the yellow one, but burgundy in color.


The only times these cars are driven are simply to move them around. Sadly the rotting cars are truly an eyesore.

And to tell you more about the owner - he's a landscaper, but his yard is a disaster - he has an old, huge satellite dish on the roof, and the Christmas lights have been up for years.


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