These Short Films Might Inspire You To Get Out and Ride.

Ever feel that you need a bit of a kickstart to get you back on your motorbike and enjoy a nice soothing ride? If that is the case, these series of well done short interviews of people who enjoy their bike might just be what you, dear reader, might need.

Stories Of Bike, as it’s titled on the youtube, is series of very heartfelt interviews paired with great images and video of these bikes being ridden, bringing people together, and general feel good vibes. (Full disclosure: I do not find myself that qualified as to definitively judge what is good filmmaking and what is not. I do, however, know what is pleasing to my eye.)


There is something I did see as a theme with these bike videos though. The majority of these bikes don’t seem particularly fast or high powered. In fact most of the bikes featured are in the 400 cc range and less. Despite this fact, or perhaps because of it, there are very many smiles, great stories, and frequent riding.

Take the following video for instance:

Here we see two low cc bikes being ridden, but it had brought friends and family together, all of which, if i heard the story correctly, ride. They had an attitude of “bring a bungroll, and who cares if there ar fires, there will be adventures.”

Go ahead and check the series out. There is bound to be something you can relate with and hopefully the next bike you see will be your own underneath you as you ride off into the sunset...or whatever.

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