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These things to give...I've run out of them.

My field is now barren.

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The widely hated extradition bill is gone and unlikely to return in the near future. I’m ready to detach from these self-styled “freedom fighters.” They are wasting time antagonising the police—I don’t see any benefit or goal from harassing cops and vandalising police property. The cops didn’t write the extradition bill. And now these so-called “protesters” have been caught harassing TV reporters, too. Hypocrites.


Their arguments are becoming more and more ridiculous. They cry “Stop shooting us” and “Stop killing us”. How many people have died, and what did you get shot with, a bean bag and some tear gas?

They call for the release of the detained “martyrs,” again, how many people have died?


Maybe you got an annoying stop-and-search order last week. Maybe a few of you got your asses kicked because you didn’t listen to the cops ordering you to get out of the way. Maybe you have a legitimate compliant to be heard in court. None of that is related to the extradition bill. None of that makes it acceptable or reasonable to repeatedly “lay siege” to the police HQ, and to completely unrelated government buildings and innocent employees.

The two million protesters have made their voice clear. I’m ready for these few hundred remaining morons to spend a few weeks behind bars, and for Hong Kong to move on. To fix its housing problem, to fix its electoral process, to get real things done and get rid of people who can’t get things done.


Sorry, rant over, how’s everyone doing?

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