Yeah, yeah. I am going to buy my kids a car. I have two kids with learners permits who should have full licenses by summer. And I’ll have a third high schooler in the fall. They have tons of things going on and am tired of driving them everywhere (four, 4!, trips the the high school yesterday).

Anyway, they are getting a beater, more or less. They are learning to drive my manual trans car (05 Focus) but they are better off with an auto at this point in their driving career.

Here is my basic criteria:

$3500 max, but less is better.

Automatic trans

I don’t want to spend a lot of time or money fixing a beater. So something relatively reliable. I can deal with a little rust, but not a rust bucket.

I’m looking in the Milwaukee area, but would consider areas within a couple hours (Madison, Sheboygan, Appleton,Racine/Kenosha).

What would you consider?