Illustration for article titled They arrived!
Illustration for article titled They arrived!

My mail carrier said she had a bunch of packages to deliver today that should have been delivered yesterday and doesn’t know why they weren’t. But everything’s here now so I feel better. At least the package wasn’t stolen.


The new video setup is working fine and sounds better than ever. It’s overkill, but since the audio extractor I bought before didn’t work reliably I decided to spend the extra few bucks. And now I can test out more HDMI crap at my desk instead of in the living room, right next to the computer(s) in case research is needed. It was a pain before.

The two big specialty security screwdrivers are the only ones I was after, but it was cheaper to buy a kit with some other ones. I had some bits that did the same thing as those screwdrivers but I misplaced them; I figured that it would be harder to lose the larger drivers as opposed to the individual bits. Now I can finally tear open those DVRs and extract the drives.

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