“Under_Score, please clean up your RAV4. The truck is here.” “Dad, it’s Easter. What are are they doing here? I know they were supposed to come yesterday, but I thought they’d wait until Monday because it’s a holiday.” “Don’t worry, Under_Score. You’ll be fine.”

I couldn’t believe what I saw in my cul-de-sac today: a big tow truck straight from California. I knew this meant something; I uninstalled my Racetrac Rewards app before I looked at what was on the trailer.

There were two beautiful Volkswagen e-Golfs. They were both blue, and they were both leased. As the truck lowered them to the ground, I was beyond excited. They had oversized dealer plate frames like every car from California, they still had plastic on the seats, and they were fully charged, ready for me to drive.

I’ll miss my RAV4, but I’m super excited about the future.