The difference was just overwelming for them. Power retractable hard top....pop up headlights. They could not speak for minutes, but found common grounds within a reasonable time span. They were starting to be more and more attracted. They got closer and closer...

A kiss with love was out of the question...they wanted to be savages and make out with passion and lust. No lube. *go read 50 shades of grey paint jobs for the rest*

8 months later, I see Nathalia Agano. She kinda took some weight...still sexy somewhat.


She could not hide it anymore.

NA - "She's gonna be on earth September 3rd, if god wills it!"

ME - Congrats! How is Nathan Crap doing btw?

NA - "Don't call him that! He's a nice guy ok!...he's having some activities with the sports club. Trying to look younger, you know. Oh look how handsome he looks"


ME - Yeah....handsome...

NA - "Oh!oh!oh! Wanna see some ecography of her????"

ME - Sure!


ME - She looks like...her father.

NA - "She does! But, she'll be as thrilling as me. ;)"

ME - Dammit...why didn't I go out with you again?

NA - "You were too busy looking at that Rotalia bitch...hate her, she guzzles everything the guys gives to her! And look where it left you. Without me and without money."


ME - But I had a good time with Rotalia...really good time.

NA - "Oh shut it."

Moral of the story: The new MX5 is a baby. Wait 'til it grows a bit before trying/buy car pedophiles.