You probably hear the expression "they don't make things like they used to" all of the time and blow it off. Well, it is not just a bunch of mularchy, it is actually true.

I was cruising the tube the other day and came across this video. AMC lovers, you will not like

These guys are just hooning it up in Canada and are destroying their car. Nevertheless, it is hard to find a video like that anymore with one of todays cars.

But here is where I get to my point. Using the inflation calculator, as well as the showroom prices provided by NADA, you can get a modern equivalent of a cost of yesterday's car.So, I found out that not only is a standard AMC javelin back in the day was a $16,000 car. With this in mind, I would like to continue. Today, you buy the same car, but with some "state of the art" computer system and some air bags. However, a car of the same caliber, such as the Chevy Camaro, costs at a minimum 10 grand more.

I then have to consider why. Today, I would say that the availability of parts and materials is very cheap. It is a lot cheaper to transport materials today than it was in 1970. I also think that the computer system and other parts that must be in a car, if mass produced, must only end up costing car companies about 5 grand all said and done. Don't tell me it is because of all of the engineering, because AMC did some engineering, and they got a working car from it. So, I think that the profit margins that Companies have needed to create have not only increased a little, but rather a lot. But anyways, money isn't everything to a car.

In that vid, you see the Javelin jump a railroad track in stock form, going roughly 80 mph. I question why we couldn't do that with a newer car. I mean, it is so much safer, and supposedly better after all the years of development, but why can't we jump it?


Also, you can see the Javelin is rocking a red white and blue paintjob that could be compaired to the trans am derivative.  You ever see a newer car with that paint? Still to build upon my arguement, take the AMC Rebel Machine for an example.

A car, straight from the factory is all painted up in red white and blue. I couldn't even fathom to see a new car all done up with stripes. Even if it were so, people would criticize it until it was junked. As a result, I have come to one conclusion: Somewhere along the way, cars have gone politically correct, and have lost all of their passion that has been intertwined in the sport since its origin. The vehicular design process has created a world in which every car has no real attitude, and everyone either accepts that, or citicizes the little attitude a car may have until the manufacturer changes it.


So, in summation, newer cars are overpriced, politically correct, and soulless. But what is your conclusion?