Though it may have been a small blip on the radar of most Jalops, Benjamin Preston has already covered the most awful theft in the world- that of a taco cart.  

I mean, who steals a taco cart, really? From the local Ditmas Park Corner blog:

Rogelio Gonzalez was out filing paperwork with the city one morning when he spotted what he was sure was his cart, though it has been redone to be a halal food cart.

“He asked them where they got it,” Gonzalez’s son Geovany, who also owns the cart along with brother Jose, told us. ”They said they bought it from a friend, and asked him if he wanted to buy it, before they got more aggressive and suspicious.”

The NYPD was reluctant to go after the cart (of course), but is now holding it pending proof of ownership.  Though don't all these carts look the same?

Via the Ditmas Park Corner.