Because, by God, that’s what it does. Wife came home with this one day because the walking, lunging, pulling, jumping situation when we go out were actually slowly beginning to worsen. Hey it’s not like I’ve been saying that to her for over a month or anything [eyeroll]. MARRIAGE.

The dog will try to get it off a few times, which earns her a nice little tug that she does not care for. When I ask her to heel, she now does it immediately. On our walk, old man sprung out of nowhere and let out a gleeful, “Hi there puppy!” My dog lunged with all her might and spun herself around like a record. One more attempt; same result. I could see the wheels turning in her head: “Well this is not working.” And she came right back to my side. She thinks twice about pulling when she sees a bird. When we pass other dogs, she’s can no longer reach them... which was a huge problem before. She had recently started lunging and landing on dogs if she senses the slightest slack in her leash. Not acceptable. Bad dog, bad dog owner :(

She hates it, but she’ll get used to it. We’re just using it for a bit and going back to a normal harness and see if the behavior carriers over. But that will take a while.

Holy crap this dog has been pushing every boundary HARD for the last month... she’s almost 7 months old. Damn teenagers.