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They should do a "cars that are cheaper in Canada than US" article

Some cars actually cost less in Canada than they do down here!

For example, you can get a Micra for under 10k in Canada, but no new car is four digits in the US. And yes, it counts!


There is also a base model Civic DX we don’t get. It’s $16k. And the top of the line CTR* is much cheaper in Canada, since they’re not allowed to gouge over MSRP. But the best part is that up there, you can get a manual sport touring hatch with a sunroof and stick (a combo unavailable at any price down here)

If you want a new Elantra GT in the US, the panoramic sunroof is $6000 extra because of the stupid packages you have to buy with it. The cheapest US Elantra GT with a sunroof is like $27k! And an automatic transmission is mandatory for the sunroof (this goes for both turbo and non-turbo)


But up in Canada, you can get a manual Elantra GT with the panoramic sunroof for only $22k!

And I didn’t even account for the difference between US and Canadian dollar values.

* The automakers should make these cars (like the CTR, Hellcat/Demon, etc) “unavailable” in the US, making you purchase the car in Canada, where it’s illegal to charge over MSRP. That will eliminate the markups quickly. They can always honor the warranty down here :)

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