I’m now working in/around downtown Houston and I’ve noticed some interesting police cars lately. They aren’t unmarked, but the markings are hard to see because of the color scheme. It’s usually white or a light silver on white or a dark brown/grey on black. I finally had a chance to take a picture of one yesterday. This is where things got interesting.

The Camaro pic isn’t mine. I found a website where they’ve been documenting police cars. (www.policecarwebsite.net) It just shows I’m not the only one who noticed.

I snapped this picture (the black Explorer) as I crossed the street. Look closely. It’s a marked police car. As I stepped onto the curb, he pulled away. I thought about snapping another picture, but that’s when I noticed the bike cop on the other side of the street staring intently at me.


I kept on my merry way and went into the building, not looking back because I knew he was following me. Sure enough, after I hit the button to call the elevator, the bike cop was at the security desk talking to the officers, still staring intently at me. I’ve been going in and out of this building for six months and I have an access badge. I’m friendly with the officers and they know I’m supposed to be there. But now, I’m sure some dude with a badge and a bike will be watching me.

If I’m lucky, all he really wants is two dollars.