Some of you may remember that I got a love letter from the state of Brandenburg recently. It gave me a week to state who drove the vehicle at that time, and as that that was 1.5 weeks ago I thought I might deal with this today.

Turns out that this created an online account with 5-0, where I can see the pictures and state what I want to say online instead of putting the stupid form in the mail.

I printed it out on A4 paper which crops the top and the bottom a bit and makes it even better. The grainy black and white quality gives it instant artsyness, IMHO. You also can’t really tell if this is day or night (broad daylight). So this is almost Rene Magritte “La Trahison” material. The fact that the car isn’t dead center in the picture evokes the idea of speed. As in, had I been travelling even faster I might have escaped them. All in all, one of the best picture of the old girl ever.

The white bar where they try to protect possible passengers’ privacy ruins it a bit, but hey at € 80 this piece of art is still a bargain.