They want $24,139 for that Corolla I SEENT yesterday.

I think it’s arguably a good value when you consider how little 24k gets you these days for new cars, but will these sell?

Also, a critique: this car looks WAY nicer in person than in this listing. The photos are oversaturated and don’t do the paint justice. But moving on...


A rather bizzare combo: this white leatherette interior with this sort of burnt crimson paint. I don’t remember the interior looking like a neutron star, see my critique above.

It is effectively fully loaded: the bells and whistles are there. I read that there is an option for full leather interior on the XSE, but until I see one I cannot confirm.

Let’s give Toyota credit for throwing the manual option on their top trim instead of offering it only on their base model for the Corolla hatchback.


If these move units, I’m hoping Toyota will be incentivized to experiment with them more... Like offering more than 140-something HP at some point. They have a turbo 4-banger lying around from Lexus... Hell, there’s an old Scion tC motor that made 180HP.


Anyway. I think I'm actually going to test drive one of these. I want Toyota to succeed, but if I come away still thinking that my 16 year-old Paseo is more enjoyable, it will be a disappointent.

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