They won't leave me alone!!(Very ANGRY!!)

About that god damn Disney Dicks post!! I got two comments in regards to what I said was the problem with the post; that it's not the god damn dicks that are the problem, but the timing in which the dick thread was posted after the stupid gifs. And I make note of the fact that the rape gifs and dicks are not related in any way, but no!!


The two comments I got today:

My comments are from fucking two days ago! Why do you feel the need to reply to me now?? And you didn't even read the full conversation to get my fucking point! SMFH!!! Is it because you just want to correct me and be the superior person on the interwebz?? I don't fucking care! Just quit it and leave me alone with this shit.

Is it just me, or does the internet give people an excuse to sound smarter than they really are.


Sorry if this annoys or offends anyone, and especially for bringing this crap up again, but I'm getting to the point of not caring anymore about this.


EDIT: The lesson here is, don't give any fucks about Jez or any other sub-blog that isn't Oppo or Jalopnik.


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