My friend died this weekend. He was an artist and a prolific one at that. His uncle - next of kin - didn’t want most of his artwork so I’ve been posting it up on eBay to raise money for his cremation. People have been coming out of the woodwork wanting pieces of him.

I just posted this on his Facebook:

There are a ton of pieces to go through. I don’t have any records of his sales before he died and I posted a few updates on his Facebook already.

As it is, his family doesn’t really have the money to pay for his cremation and memorial. My wife and I set up the Gofundme and the eBay auctions to help his family and girlfriend pay for his bills.

There’s a bunch of artwork. I’ve only posted 1/5 of what is here at the house, and his uncle and cousin have about a dozen boxes that came from the storage building at the Brian center.

Plus he had a bunch of stuff stolen or thrown out the last time he went into the hospital. Much of it has been lost.

Beyond that, this is emotionally exhausting. I would much rather be hoisting his 80-pound wheelchair up into the back of my car, pushing him around a convention center full of froot-loops flavored nicotine fog, or waiting in a nearly-empty Hardee’s parking lot for someone to come by and trade Vape equipment than trying to raise money for his cremation.

I’m trying as hard as I can. I took today off work because I was exhausted and my phone has been going nonstop with strangers saying “your dead friend owes me.”

This man was one of my closest friends for the past two decades. We were like brothers. Like any brother, there was some competition, fighting, arguing, and getting to the point we could hardly stand each other. But we always kept an eye out for each other and we always loved each other.

If you didn’t get it from him before he died, I’m sorry. If it doesn’t get onto eBay this week then I don’t know where it is. Maybe I shouldn’t have opened the can of worms by saying, “contact me.”

But if it wasn’t important enough until now, too bad. You can get it at auction.