"They're eating in the computer lab. You need to TALK TO THEM."

It’s time for another installment of Particularly Religious Coworker. Today, PRC did something that wasn’t religious, but was definitely capital-P Particular. Some students were eating in the computer lab. THIS SHALL NOT STAND.

(I’m the career services director at a tech school. Particularly Religious Coworker is our admin. She’s a very nice lady who really likes to share her love of the lord in inappropriate ways, and also gets overly worried about silly little rules from time to time. You can learn all about her from her dedicated Oppo tag.)


Today, I was helping the dean—who in addition to being in charge of the teachers, is old enough to be my dad and not computer savvy—with a thing on his computer. Particularly Religious Coworker came up to us, very upset, and told us breathlessly about how a couple of students are in the computer lab and they have food next to the computers when there are signs that say no food in the computer lab.

I jokingly asked PRC if she had given the students a nice stern talking-to. She very seriously responded that she had, and asked the dean to give these students an additional stern talking-to, because they need to know just how serious of an offense they had committed by eating in the computer lab.

PRC then returned to her perch up at the front desk, and the dean and I resumed working on his computer. A few minutes later, PRC returned and explained in even greater detail just how important it is that the dean talk to these students, who are grown adults, IMMEDIATELY.


So the dean and I went our separate ways, until I needed to ask him about something. He wasn’t in his office, so I took a wild guess and headed toward the computer lab. There he was, joking with the students about keeping Particularly Religious Coworker happy.

I’m sure now all the computers are so much safer.

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