First let me say...I'm in denial about even posting this. I'm a 911 guy always have been always will be. The whole reason I even LOVE cars is because of a ride in 930 turbo cabriolet circa 1992.

But honestly there's something about the new boxster and cayman that is drawing me has to be one of the best shaped cars out right now. The straight 6 (horizontally opposed 6..whoops was late last night) noise is fantastic...I haven't driven one yet, but EVERYONE I've conversed with who has....said its amazing. Mid-engine, increased power, the predictable steering and its just's got that presence that the original E-type had where you just get lost in the curves. Its as if the Carrera GT and 997 mated and these popped out 9 years later.


The new 911 is amazing. I agree. But the regular version...non "S", RWD with 3 pedals...what are you really getting with the convertible or the coupe? Dont get me wrong...the S, C4s, Turbo, GT3 are in different category.

BUT.... if you were going to get a regular porsche carrera...why would you? The cayman and the boxter are so much prettier and porsche-ier.


now if you'll excuse me...I need to go shower and cleanse myself.