I made some more wood things. The spice rack was just a leftover piece from when I made my butcher block countertop. Sanded and oiled it a bit then stuck it on the wall.

Whipped up a cuttingbord as a gift for my dad’s birthday. I’m going for a wabi sabi look on these. Organic shape, no straight edges, but still functional. Figured I’d make something unique rather than the same stuff you can buy at a store. I sanded it so there are no edges between the pieces, but there is a flow to the wood. I used cork shims to ensure it sits flat, so no wobbling around while cutting. With how thicc these are, they should last a generation or two.

The countertop is working out great. Life changing addition to my kitchen. It’s so much nicer having space to prep all my food. Last night was burrito night.