So I made this yesterday morning...

In response to a joke Force India made about running snow chains.

Little did I know, this image is now making it’s rounds on Reddit and those barely-clever F1 Instagram meme accounts. I know this happens. It’s the internet. What’s on the internet belongs to everyone. Hell, I even stole the image of the car and a plow to make it before I called it my own, so I can’t complain too much.

What chaps me up though, is that some are removing my watermark, and/or adding their own to it, and it’s receiving hundreds of thousands of views, and someone else is taking the credit.

I kind of feel like a douche watermarking this stuff in the first place, which is why I make it so subtle.


All I want is an ataboy for my 10 minutes of effort and the joke, but I know better. This is the internet, and what’s on the internet was created by the internet for everyone to have, share, and take credit for. :(