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Thing I would never have suspected

As some of your may recall my C5 being a head turner when all hell broke loose in it and horn started blaring for no good reason (and all sorts of warnings popped up in the dash)

Well, after some youtubing and googling it was determined to be the horn... or contact membrane.


Now, I don’t know about you, but I would have never once suspected the actual horn button to be the issue. Fuse - sure. Some sort of a wire short - absolutely. C5 leaks water into the cabin like a firehose is pointed at it - so water damage/corrosion. Yep.
No. It’s literally the worst design ever - Two fairly large plates of copper sandwiched together between steering wheel pleather and airbag. You bop the center of the steering wheel and it toots. The problem is that the two plates of copper might possibly corrode with time...make contact and horn will be on non stop.... OOOR. copper will corrode and not make contact at all and horn will never work.

If there was no youtube or search engines, how in the fuck would Mad Max find his electrical gremlins?

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