I know for a fact that the road that guys standing on has 55mph speed limit. know this because I’ve seen idiots like this when I used to drive the Avenue of the Giants alot (had to commute past it, so I often drove it)

People who stop in the middle of the road/lane to take pictures.

Not the road in which I was almost hit, but another example of someone standing in the road to take this picture

Yesterday there were two cars stopped in their Lane in a redwood grove for no apparent reason, I would’ve been hit by the guy blacksmoking past them if I was paying less attention. I’m not mad at the guy who passed because he had no way of knowing I was coming and who knows how long he sat behind the tourists before passing. I’ve since decided to buy a cheap dashcam. (Drove a total of mmmaybe 50 miles yesterday and was nearly involved in 3 accidents, one of which couldve been fatal)