This is my "I am up too late and my mind is all over the place" post...

I got a 3DS today, and it's awesome. Although I wish the damn stores in Animal Crossing would be open late for the first day. Kind of annoying to start a brand new game with literally nothing to do.

I want to get a little stuffed animal and make him a sign that says "Take me as far as you can until I have traveled the world." and then leave him somewhere. It would be fun if I had a way to track it, but the thought is fascinating enough. And, for all I know, a picture might pop up online somewhere.


I need more short, sweet, uplifting things to write. I want to get back into street art. I don't mean like Banksy stuff or anything. Very few people are skilled enough that they actually raise the value of things by permanently altering them, and I am not one of those people. I use sidewalk chalk, removable vinyl, etc. or I just leave things in places. Like the stuffed animal thing. Harmless fun, really.

Gigantic one-pound candy bars are only about $3 at Kroger right now. You're welcome.

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