Things a Scirocco sells better than

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Live somewhere you can buy a VW Scirocco? Want a new one? Hurry up. Production has stopped and once the remaining stock is gone, it’s gone.


I see Sciroccos fairly often so I’ve done some research on sales to September. What models does the Scirocco outsell, in Ireland at least?

Quite a lot, actually. Let’s have a look.

- Mazda MX5 (by about 2 to 1)

- BMW 7 series

- Peugeot 108

- Renault Twingo (not hard, just two Twingos were sold!)

- Audi A7

- Audi A8

- Subaru Forester (and every other Subaru)

- Tesla (both models)

- Ford Mustang (by four to one)

- Toyota GT86 (by 25 to 1)

- Every Jeep

- Kia Soul

- Ford Edge

- Merc S class

- BMW i3

So we see that even at the end of its life the Scirocco does better than some better known models.


Surprising fact for some: 41% of Sciroccos were diesel.

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