I had breakfast with a lawyer whose firm does the business side of ag. They want to merge in my labor practice. Their busiest area is legal weed farming. Apparently, these black market folks want help converting to the legit economy (recreational legalization is expected to pass here in November).

From a professional perspective, it’s interesting work to bring what has been a criminal activity into commercial compliance. These guys are used to paying people with product, which won’t fly in the real world.

Honestly, I think this is going to get taken over fast by existing ag business. Farms that don’t have enough water to grow cotton may have enough to grow a high margin crop like weed. They have ground, and I think people who have been growing surreptitiously are going to end up working for people who know the business but need a new crop that makes sense in this post-drought world. [I drove past the San Luis Reservoir today, and it was almost empty. I remember around 2005 or so having wet winters and seeing the waterline so close to the edge of the Pacheco Pass highway as to make you nervous. That water level is hundreds of feet lower todat, an unfathomable difference in volume from a reservoir of that size ] This ace is not a desert, which is why there has always been farming here. But our rivers have been so diverted and fucked with, and urban areas north and south have grown east so rapidly without sufficient water, that this shit is out of hand.

We have not addressed water state wide despite massive population growth.

But we are building a train, for fuck’s sake. Sigh.

Rant over.