The last few days I sold a few things on eBay, and also locally on Facebook Marketplace, so I was able to go ahead and pull the trigger on the spacers I need to make my new wheels fit the Jetta.

I found out a few things while researching this. One, stock offset for the car is roughly 38 (35-40 seems to be the consensus), so my ET48 wheels won’t fit without rubbing. Second, I learned that the MKIV Jetta’s rear track is 20mm narrower than the front track, so I could go wider with the spacers to even out my track.

What I came up with was a set of 10mm spacers in the front, and 20s in the back. That should get me with the wheels sitting basically where the stockers did in the front, and pushed out 10mm per side in the rear to square it out.

I found a seller on eBay who sold exactly what I needed, a pair of 10mm spacers with 40mm conical seat black lug bolts for the front, and a pair of 20mm spacers with 50mm lug bolts for the rear. I also picked up a set of plastic hubcentric rings for my wheels, 73.1mm OD and 57.1mm ID to make my aftermarket wheels fit like factory ones.


Just for shits and giggles, lets see what I’m into this heap for!

Car- One 1981 Toyota Celica circle track car ($500)

Brake pads - $70

Wheel speed sensors - $20 for the pair

Downpipe/catalytic converter - $225

O2 sensors - $185 for the pair

Labor to install the exhaust stuff - $160

Wheels - $200

Spacers/lug bolts/rings - $120

Registration/sales tax - $135

Total - $1615

Honestly, more than I thought I was going to spend on the car, but at this point its more than a beater...I think the wheels sealed this as a project. At this point, the rest of the stuff I want to do is pretty cheap.


Timing belt.

Replace the hood, trunk, and LF fender with used, rust free parts.

Replace the sunroof mechanism and headliner with junkyard parts.

Replace the shocks with something sporty, maybe drop it an inch.

Leather steering wheel, new shift knob.

And if I want to get into it, I’ll do a stage 1 ECU and exhaust, but thats down the road. I like the car a lot, its a good little commuter. Aside from the body and interior stuff, everything I’m going to do could always swap to another, nicer MKIV in the thats good.


My spacers show up Thursday, and my mother in law will be here to help my wife with the kids, so hopefully I’ll get the new wheels on that day.