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Things Are Looking Up

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I mean, the world is still in a bad way, and in particular the US is just a general debacle and I have real concerns about this coming winter. BUT! Good News!

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But seriously, I got a new job! I’m going to be teaching computer science and robotics at a nearby private boarding school. Coaching ... something probably, but then again, sports are likely to be weird this year. I am super excited, although of course it will be a huge challenge and my schedule will be significantly worse much of the time. Regarding my schedule though, I’ll have lots of random free times during the day which I’ve never had, so it will balance some of the evening and weekend responsibilities in a way.


And then there are breaks. Big ones. 11 days around Thanksgiving, 3 weeks around Christmas/NYE, 2 weeks in March, and oh yeah THE WHOLE SUMMER. I can’t really express how happy I am about that. My kids are still small enough that we really need full-time child care unless they’re in camps, and anyway there are always huge gaps. So I’ll miss them some during busy times at work, but I’ll have so much freedom at other times when in the past I’ve had none.

I am so psyched. Actually I might teach a section of intro to psych this year because they need someone and that was my major in college anyway.

Oh, did I mention my coaching assignment might be with my best friend, and with the mountain biking team? Or that there’s a nascent go-karting club they want me to get into? Or that they want to build a maker space, and I would be involved in the planning and execution of that?

This might be even better than a new Dacia Sandero.

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