I spoke to one of the texters from yesterday and he said that some other dispatchers didn’t want help unless they asked for it, and that’s why he kept to himself. I don’t know who wouldn’t want the help on some of the grunt work (most dispatchers appreciate the help, but there are a few curmudgeons...) With this help things went a bit smoother today, and we didn’t have all of the accidents and disasters we had yesterday.

Like any self-aware person, I always wonder how I’m doing on the job, but sometimes it’s tough to get feedback. Now they’re handing out some sort of documentation of new procedures we have to follow, but I don’t know if it’s going to be another write-up placed in our files or just general information. I sometimes wonder if I’m on the bubble, if I’m going to be the next one tossed aside. Sure, I get frustrated at times dealing with drivers and passengers, but I do my damnedest not to let them hear it. My co-workers, well, they can understand and frequently feel the same way. Some retreat internally and become uncommunicative, some (like me) give the occasional pound on the desk and then move on, and some seem unflappable, but those are the ones that have been doing this for a decade.

There are a couple of dispatchers that are known to be disgruntled, and you just keep your distance from them. They’ve been around for years, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be tossed aside. I’m trying as hard as I can, but who knows if that’s enough. I try to remain positive and friendly, and just wonder if that’s enough. Reservations people seem to be OK with me, and the drivers are pleasant. I just get worried sometimes and wonder if there’s going to be a purge in our ranks. Reservations is a revolving door, and we’ve let go a number of drivers to the point where we are ridiculously short-staffed and cannot place enough buses on the road to get the job done. Thankfully there’s a new batch in training, 18 instead of the 3 we had in the last class, so hopefully this will return things to ‘normal’, whatever that might be...

Thanks for letting me vent. Here’s another interesting, albeit somewhat dilapidated, Mazda minivan for your viewing pleasure.