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Things Done This Weekend

Due to the temp/humidity (and no AC in the house, but awesome AC in the van), we decided to make the trip to check out those tires Friday after work instead of going Saturday morning. What I thought was a 1.5 hr trip was actually 2.5+ hrs one way. This meant we got a lot of seat time in the new van on the highway, let me tell you, it’s a damn good place to spend time. Totally comfortable on the ride there, 28.9 mpg averaged on the trip (would have been better without hitting stop n go traffic twice on the way up), and I’ve grown accustomed to the satellite radio.

When we arrived at the guy’s house, he pulled out 3 Firestone Destination LE2s in bags from the corner of his garage. Much to my surprise, what he described as “70% tread” turned out to be “still has the nubs on the tread”:

Loaded the 3 in the back, handed him the $40 he was asking for them, and we headed for home. It was 12:30 AM when we finally pulled in the driveway.

Saturday was an easy day, our friend’s 1 yo’s Bday party in the early afternoon, some yard work after, which led to some mudding to take brush to the village pile:


Followed by grilling out with friends.

Then a lazy day yesterday and work today.

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