Ask any S550 how well their car is screwed together and they will either say “poorly” or they’ll lie and say it’s fine. This is a pity because Ford makes rather attractive products that fall very, very short when it comes to details. Consider this picture of an S550:

This picture is, I assume, a press photo from Ford that appears on

The line where the hood meets the bumper is inconsistent as if either the bumper is bowed up in the middle or the hood is sagging. Furthermore, horizontal line made by the top of the headlight doesn’t line up where it goes from fender to hood to bumper. If you were to lay a ruler along the supposed line at the top of headlight you’d see just how bad the alignment is.


This picture, taken from this thread shows another common alignment error I’ve seen on many Mustangs where the hood isn’t just misaligned but it seems as though how amount of adjusting would fix it, more like the shape of the piece is wrong! In the thread it’s speculated that these are issues that get worked out as more and more cars are built but the white mustang pictured above is a 2016 model made well after run 1 and furthermore...

Oh, neat. The 2018 Mustang. Looks pretty goo—