I’m waiting for the drug test and background check to clear so I can start my job. Until then... I’m doing things I won’t be able to. Here are things I saw/drove today.

Found this at the shop.

Test drove a P100D at the dealer and whewwww. It’s something else. It was very easy to get used to driving as I got out of the E550 and into this... the entire steering column is almost the exact same. Autopilot/Cruise Control, PRND Shifter, wipers, and headlights all the same exact part numbers almost as the MB.

Getting the E550 Cab washed and this was in line next to me. X6M ftw.


E550 Cab review coming soon maybe.

CLK63 Black series. HNGGGGGGGG.


Other fun things at my buddies place.


Then this was yesterday but I had to post it because look at it.