Was laid off work for the last week, this allowed me to do a few things:

1. “Blue”, my 1992 Caravan was sold to an older couple. They wanted to replace their rusting/aging 1994 Caravan, came and looked/drove both of my vans. He wanted to take mine home, but she had the final say and they ended up driving the blue one home. So blue is with us no longer:


2. With blue gone I started searching for the 98-00 3.8L to get the final swap done in my van. Helping a good friend of mine Monday we ended up finding one. A guy he delivered firewood to owed him some money and happened to have a 99 3.8 with 100k sitting in his garage. He took the motor as payment and I worked for him for the day to pay it back. So now it begins:

Needs a good cleaning thanks to the oh-so-common leaky valve covers, otherwise it looks solid. I’ll be picking away at getting sensors and such swapped and installing new gaskets/correct fuel rail next week, once that’s done I’ll start tearing into mine again.

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