Things I can count on from Jalopnik/established motoring publications

1. Treating the crossover trend like some kind of coma were all waiting to wake from, simultaneously as a sign of the end of times.


What, you think enthusiast 20-30 years ago were clamoring for more regular sedans and wagons? Regular hatchbacks?

“as soon as gas prices go back up its so long crossovers and hello miata’s!”

Get real. Crossovers ARE the regular cars. They have a small mileage penalty and are FAR closer to hatchbacks and wagons than they are with suburbans and hummers.


2. Behaving as if crossovers are going door to door clubbing car loving enthusiasts.

Small cars are dying, their value propasition just isn’t there and there is no reason to suffer them anymore. You know whats making a comeback? Traditional luxury wagons, performance hatchbacks wearing “crossover” guise, 400 hp awd wagons that are no taller than a hatchback but are called “crossovers”, family vehicles that are breaking into the 4, 3 and sometimes 2(!) second 0-60 range. Hell, even high performance traditional sports cars are making a comeback.


“but bland crossovers exist!”

Yeah. Duh. regular people are going to need regular cars. Regular cars existed before. FACT: Fun car options have never been more numerous.

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This isn’t a fleeting trend folks, learn to embrace the new “car”.

Its not all bad either. I mean, go ahead and tell me this is anything but a hot hatch masquerading as a crossover.

and you know what? its good.

I would like to point as, as per many of my rants, I’m not trying to convince you to buy anything, or to like anything. Im not even trying to convince you that ____ is better. No need to defend sedans, wagons, hatches et al. This rant is to state the facts and drop kick prevailing trends in automotive journalism.


What, you can’t simultaneously be a car lover AND understand the importance and significance of the crossover as it supplants the sedan?

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