Things I Don't Like About The New NSX Despite Never Driving One

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Why is it that the only color carried over from the “old” NSX is Berlina Black? It’s a very nice color, yes. But of all the funky colors on the “old” NSX and Acura chooses one of the most boring. WHY? are Acura buyers just boring old people or something? ( I suspect this is the case but I cannot prove this. )

Look all this gooey colorful goodness

Or one could, you know paint a “new” NSX in a funky old color, but they should at least have them as options. New cars should be more colorful.


I also feel like it doesn’t call back enough to the “original” enough visually, but I’m sure that all those ugly scoops and vents are functional. ( Probably to cool the hybrid system. ) And it’s not like I have any ideas to fix this “problem” so I may as well shut up.


I feel like they could’ve used this space better, but that’s my only gripe with the interior.


Hybrid only doesn’t bother me too much as I’m convinced they’ll pull a Porsche and make a uber-expensive version without it.

Have a cookie.

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