1. It doesn’t have heated seats.

2. The brakes.

That’s about it.

Giving up and ordering brakes (rotors and pads) for it soon. The grinding, squeaking, and shuddering are beyond ridiculous considering the car just passed three-years-old and has just under 34,000 miles. I’ve never had a car go through brakes this quickly, although my wife’s 2013 CX-5 needed brakes itself at 48,000 miles. I guess Mazdas just don’t have long-lasting OEM brakes?


My rotors warped and started shaking at 16,000 miles (!) and I had them resurfaced by a local shop. Before driving to Florida in October of this year (at 32,000 miles), I had that same shop check the brakes all around and they said the rotors are likely warped again but the pads are fine.

I know calling the rotors “warped” isn’t technically correct, but the bottom line is when I apply moderate pressure to the brakes (such as slowing to exit the interstate), I get a noticeable shudder and shaking. And, the brakes themselves constantly squeak/squeal at low speeds and even make grinding noises - unless I’m just being paranoid.

Does anyone have experience with Centric brake stuff? I have this in my RockAuto cart.


I’m a little nervous about doing the rear brakes with the whole electronic parking brake thing, but my mechanic has done some research and says that getting the the electronic parking brake module to disengage shouldn’t be too big of an issue. We’ll see.