After a couple years of terrible life choices and (great) unreliable cars I have come up with these rules, feel free to discuss and add others.

  1. Cars for personal use are almost never an investment, don’t lie to yourself.
  2. Buying a car and complaining about upkeep costs is like moving to the Sahara desert and complaining that the sun is too hot and the nights are too cold.
  3. Never ever buy a car with a light colored leather interior if it has a matching colored steering wheel. Specially if you plan on keeping it for too long. Shit gets stained and wear on light colored leather steering wheels are tough to hide. Clear interiors are always better with black steering wheels.
  4. Mismatched tires, foggy headlights and questionable modifications (eg. installing a Pioneer screen thing on a early 90's cars) are usually always signs of careless previous owners and shoddy maintenance.
  5. “AC needs a recharge” - “Only needs new battery” - “Easy fix”. Lies, all lies.
  6. Used luxury cars should always be purchased from the first owner. If someone kept a X308 XJ in tip-top shape for all these years you can bet that unspeakable amounts of money were spent on maintenance because the car was loved and cared for.
  7. If the seller can’t be bothered to fix something simple like a broken armrest, they probably didn’t bother fixing a lot of other more important things
  8. Buying a car with non-OEM modifications, even if its just esthetics, is always a gamble, there is no way of knowing what else was done to the car.
  9. Car people are always the best sellers. The difference between a soccer mom LR4 and the DD of a Land Rover aficionado with broken Defenders scattered on his yard can be quite alarming.
  10. This is the most important rule. We are all temporary custodians of our cars, take care of them so the next person can enjoy it as much as you did.