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Things I Have Previously Hated On That I Like Now

I always thought the watch and pods were for nerds (not me) even though I wear glasses and work in IT (nerd). Then I started running...somewhere along the line I expressed interest and mentioned to my wife that the hold up was the lack of nice bands and not being a hypocrite. So she got me the fancy Hermes one for Christmas, but the leather band didn’t fit. Apple made her return the whole thing instead of just changing out the band. By the time I was ready to order another one they were all sold out. So I ordered a standard apple watch, air pods, and a nice leather strap off of etsy. The watch arrived a few days ago and I just went for my first run without my phone and with the air pods...amazing.

As an added benefit, it has severely decreased the amount of time I spend doing nothing with my phone! I leave my phone in the car or in the bedroom 90% of the time now. I strolled into the grocery store the other day with empty pockets and it felt great.

I can’t wait to get out on my mountain bike with the watch. I’m a details kind of guy and being able to somewhat quantify every workout just makes me more likely to workout every day.


In other news, I’m still waiting for the title and tag for the Bimmer. It probably won’t be this week. Lucky for me it’s not exactly 44 year old car weather here in PA right now (not that I wouldn’t be out driving it because I would).

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