Things I learned on the way to work today

- Irony is making great time on the back roads avoiding traffic, than overcooking it into a Left 1 and spending 15 minutes digging your car out of a berm while loosing said time advantage

- Sadness is realizing said off on a Left 1 is really just called "going too fast on a 90 degree hairpin on a rural back road and hitting a snowbank", and no enthusiastic rally fans are waiting to push you back on the road


- Preparedness is having a shovel in the back because lets be honest, this was bound to happen sooner or later

- Coffee and Bacon are the only two acceptable smells in the morning. Cooking viscous diff fluid is not one of those things

- Satisfaction is living an hour away from work and still getting there earlier than some folks who live 5 minutes away

Have fun out there people, and be safe!

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