1. I am terrible at golf

I went and hit a bucket of balls with my family at the driving range. I did manage to hit a ball about 140 yds with a 7 iron, unfortunately it was at about a 30-35 degree angle to the direction I was trying to hit it. I whiffed an awful lot and most went a whole lotta’ nowhere.

2. The Martian is, in fact, a great movie. But it’s stressful as heck to watch.

3. I saw a 2007 Shelby GT today (Identical to the one above). It looked good, but not good enough to justify the $10k price jump over the regular GT.


4. Our neighbors’ yards look like crap when they mow them, like the blades on their mowers are dull. My dad offered to sharpen the blades if they’d bring the mowers over. He sharpened the guy next door’s yesterday, today the neighbor behind us brought us his. When my dad flipped it over to take the blade off he started laughing, because the blade was on upside down! They’ve been mowing the grass for over a year with the back side of the blade! He sharpened it anyway put it back together correctly, it mows much better now.

5. Boredom is killing me. I still haven’t had an interview anywhere yet. However, I got 2 good leads this past week and have been corresponding with both firms via email. Hopefully I’ll have interviews with both this coming week.


6. NARCOS is great. Why didn’t any of y’all tell me? I love that Netflix is making shows in other languages. I’ve also watched a bit of A Very Secret Service which is in French, which makes me miss my French friends a bit, but in a good way. It’s nice that we’ve stopped pretending that all those other languages are just English with an accent.


7. OPPO is still great, and so is LaLD. I’ve got to finish photographing my Porsche 956L for LaLD, and I still haven’t DLM’d a HAWL from several weeks ago... because I’ve been busy trying to resolve #5.