My friend's a model and she recently got her dream car: a Geo Metro. In teal. She finally posted a sample from her latest photoshoot on Facebook and I gwuffawed in the middle of class because... dear god. A geo metro. So many props.

Off topic: I'm slightly annoyed I didn't look that good at 16. People are getting older younger and younger now. Middle schoolers be looking like high schoolers now, and some high schoolers look like they're about to fucking retire. Meanwhile I tread the line between baby face and nasty pube facial hair. Ugh.

Even more off-topic: That bokeh looks photoshopped as hell. There's no way that blur is real. If so, that's some damn impressive glass. Then again, looking at how insanely strong his flash is, the photog probably has the money for a lens like that. I still call bullshit though.