I like my home workshop. I like tools. I like old stuff. All of those likes have now converged, and I’m the proud new owner of a 60+ year old lathe.

I have no immediate use for a lathe (though I have been in situations where one would have been pretty handy), and the one I got wasn’t super kick-ass when it was brand new, just a basic consumer grade machine, but a lathe I have.

It is externally driven, and didn’t include the original motor, so I DID take the opportunity to modernize a little, with a decent 3 phase motor, and Variable Frequency Drive to run it, since variable speed is a necessity here.


I’ve been planning a complete rewire of my workshop with new wire and a dedicated 20A circuit so I can turn on more than one thing at a time without having to turn off the air conditioning or unplugging the beer fridge, so great timing for having to hard wire up a controller and motor. Hopefully it will be up and spinning before the weekend is out.

While on the subject of old tools, man, they REALLY don’t make them like this anymore. Cast iron, hand machined parts, function over form, yet somehow still pleasing to the eye. This was MADE to last 60+ years, not to be a disposable appliance. Of course, it lacks many features of a modern lathe, or even a vintage professional grade one, but I’m not building aerospace parts in my workshop, so this should do just fine.

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