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Things I Said I Wouldn't Do.

Namely modifying the new van.

After much research and talking with the service guy about my warranty, it seems Mopar has no issue with modding unless the mod directly caused the warranty issue.


That being said, I’m working on an intake resonator delete and I’ll be ordering Ripp coils and iridium plugs. The resonator delete has been proven for 6-8hp and 12-14ft-lbs on the Pentastar engines, so that’ll help some with my “lack of torque” issue. The Ripp coils have proven power/torque gains while smoothing out the power curve, plus they’re supposed to be far better quality than OEM.

I have the 4" to 3.75" 90 degree silicone reducer elbow ordered and the 4" diameter aluminum pipe, so once they show up I’ll mock it up to find out exactly what I need to get it mated to the factory airbox.


Soon people, soon:

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