I really want to make my GTO faster and more reliable. That means:

1. Monster Clutch Package (850 hp rated) $1100

2. Maverick Man Coilover Kit $800

3. Hinson 1-piece Driveshaft (800hp, 160mph, 7,800rpm limit) $580

4. Driveshaft Shop 1400hp Axles $1000

5. LSA Heads $1300

6. Full LSA Intake w/ SC (ebay) $3000

7. LSA Part Kit $3000

8. Additional Funds for Issues $1000

9. BRM Handling package $1000

10. Bushing kit $300

11. Baer 6 pot Brake kit $2,100

12. Center Gauge Pod $500

Total: $15,680

Update: Get rid of 2-4 (-$2480) and add

G-Force 9" IRS Kit $6558

New Total: $19758

After that I still need a full paint job and trim replacement to make the car perfect. Not adding to the fact I need to fix the passenger window, but that’s negligible. So I can maybe get some of that money out of my other 2 cars.... Shit maybe I need a better job. Ah dreams.....


GTO burnout for your time